How has Social Media Changed our Communication?

By Carrie Gable

Once upon a time, the historical means of communication were not geographically- across- the- border friendly. Taking a time machine back during the pre-telephone age, it was harder to communicate with people who did not live within your geographical region or even more so, right next door to you. Interpersonal communication was more centralized.   One article discusses the timeline of communication that has evolved from the olden methods “letters delivered via horseback” to a more modern way of communication via telephones. Although some of us still traditionally use our cellular phones to “communicate” with people, social media has revolutionized communication by allowing us to communicate with people all over the world and through multiple mediums.

 A second article discusses the essence of communication as a basic skill for human beings. It is a part of our biological make up, culture, and society to communicate our needs, feelings, and thoughts. This article provided an altering perspective of how social media has impacted our communication with each other. This perspective gives credit to social media for opening the possibilities of communication by means of connecting us with our family, friends, and acquaintances who we may keep in touch with through face book, twitter, and instagram. Then it provides a negative aspect of social media, claiming that “The over-use of social media has negated the authenticity of “social-bonding” as well as the ability for human beings to make true connections with one another.

Carrie Gable

Carrie Gable

A third article discusses social media as a medium that offers checks and balances. We have previously explored the topic of personal vs. professional and the blurred lines of using our personal lives and personal perspectives in social media in a professional way. This brief synopsis is the perfect Segway of a third article that I read called “Social Media the New Watch Dog”, it discussed how the multiple platforms in social media allows us to communicate and exchange through different mediums, but what we SAY can help or hurt us. Once a picture or statement is put on the internet, it never goes away. Unfortunately, that statement or picture will not only be seen or make an impression on people you know, but because of the grand networking aspect of social media, your reputation can be harmed globally or even carry on by impacting your future endeavors.

How do you think social media has impacted communication in a positive or negative way? I’d like to know!


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One thought on “How has Social Media Changed our Communication?

  1. Miriam – you are referencing articles but not giving us the content in context. Read only one – but read it carefully and then talk about what it said to you and what you think about it. That would have more value than three articles out of context.

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